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Now you can transform your iPhone, Android or Smart Phone into a mobile credit card processing terminal – and begin accepting credit card payments wherever you or your employees may go.

And our safe and convenient solution employs a merchant account that allows you to save on your credit card processing fees.

Get paid quickly and securely, anywhere!

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  1. Easy to Set Up: Start accepting credit cards right away. Set-up takes only 3 simple steps.
  2. Keyed & Swiped Solutions: You can key transactions right into your phone or add a credit card swiper & take advantage of lower rates.
  3. Secure and Safe: The system is both PA-DSS and PCI compliant. All of your customer’s credit card information is securely encrypted and uses SSL network protection.
  4. Real-Time Processing: The mobile, real-time processing solution allows you to take credit cards anytime, anywhere – in a safe and secure environment.
  5. Risk Free: You pay no set up fees for your Smart and IPhone merchant account. More importantly, you don’t have to sign a long term contract, so you are free to cancel whenever you want.
  6. Master Account: If you have multiple phones that need to process credit cards, you can link them all into one account to create an enterprise level solution. Works great for taxi cab companies, food establishments and other delivery-type businesses with multiple vehicles.

No matter what your work entails, whether it be a home delivery service, home contractor business, weekend craft shows or even school fundraisers, you can quickly and securely accept your customers’ credit cards and issue them receipts to their mobile phones or by email.

A merchant account is one piece of your whole payment solution. In its simplest terms, it’s a bank account that allows your eBiz to accept online credit cards and e-checks. At a specific time each day, your merchant account bank receives that day’s completed transactions. They hold the money for several days or more to make sure all parties involved are satisfied. During this time, they also perform additional security checks. If no issues arise, the bank then wires the money into your business checking account.

What a Merchant Account Isn’t

People often confuse merchant accounts with other elements involved in payment solutions. But each element is a separate function of a larger service.

• A merchant account is not a shopping cart. Shopping cart technology is software that simulates a physical shopping cart in that it allows users to “place” items in it until they’re ready to check out and then totals their purchases for them.

• A merchant account is not authorization software. Authorization software is the equivalent of a digital credit terminal. It runs address verification, sends the buyer’s information through fraud detection filters, and ensures the card has enough credit available for the purchase. Authorization software makes instant approval possible.

When you’re looking at solution providers, be sure that all three elements—your merchant account, shopping cart, and authorization software—are compatible with one another.

Mobile credit card processing for iPhones and Smart Phones – the ideal cost effective solution for the merchant on the go!

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